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We at San Antonio Plumbing Pros are aware that plumbing is essential to the operation of your house or place of business. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive range of excellent plumbing services meant to maintain the efficiency of your systems. With the newest equipment and knowledge, our team of licensed experts is prepared to handle any plumbing task, no matter how big or small.

    Why Choose San Antonio Plumbing Pros?

    Unmatched Expertise

    Our plumbers are experts in their field, not merely competent workers. They approach every task with accuracy and attention because they have years of expertise under their belts.

    Rapid Response Time

    Emergencies related to plumbing don’t wait. We are here around-the-clock to help you when you need us most.

    Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

    Until you’re happy, we’re not. To make sure every customer is happy with our work, we go above and beyond.

    Competitive Pricing

    Good plumbing shouldn’t be extremely expensive. For each of our services, we provide reasonable, clear pricing.

    Local Leaders

    Being a company that is locally owned and run, we are dedicated to providing honest and respectful service to our community.

    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

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    Avoid letting plumbing issues ruin your day. For a free consultation and price, call 210-330-7626 to reach San Antonio Plumbing Pros. Our amiable staff is prepared to offer you the superior service you deserve.

    Our Premier

    Plumbing Services

    water heaters icon

    Water Heaters Installation

    Stay Warm with Reliable Hot Water

    After a hard day, taking a hot shower is not only a luxury but also a need. You won’t ever have to sacrifice the comfort you deserve thanks to our water heater installation services.

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    Water Softener Installation

    Protect Your Home with Softened Water

    Hard water can seriously damage your appliances and plumbing. We protect your house from the damaging effects of hard water with our water softener installation services.

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    Slab Leaks Repairs

    Shield Your Foundation with Expert Repairs

    Silent dangers to the foundation of your house are slab leaks. We find and fix slab leaks using state-of-the-art technologies before they cause major damage.

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    Water Lines Reroutes

    Reroute for Efficiency and Safety

    Our water line reroute services make sure your plumbing matches the evolving needs of your property, whether it’s for repair or redevelopment.

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    Sewer Repairs

    Keep Your Sewer Lines Flowing Smoothly

    Sewer issues can be untidy and inconvenient. Our goal is to minimize the disturbance to your daily routine while resolving the problem swiftly and cleanly with our sewer repair services.

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    Plumbing Remodels

    Transform Your Space with Expert Plumbing Remodels

    Renovating a bathroom does not mean updating the plumbing. Our plumbing remodeling services give your vision a stylish and functional makeover.

    Where Quality Meets Reliability

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    Our Promise to You

    Not only do we repair pipes at San Antonio Plumbing Pros, but we also cultivate connections. We pledge to give each and every house and place of business the consideration and decency it needs. We are your neighbors, committed to maintaining the best possible plumbing in our neighborhood, not just contractors.

    Our Core Values


    We maintain the highest standards of moral and ethical principles and conduct ourselves honestly.


    Our exceptional craftsmanship guarantees that every job is completed correctly the first time.


    We provide trustworthy services that you can rely on, and we’re here for you when you need us.


    In order to deliver cutting-edge plumbing solutions, we welcome innovative approaches and innovations.


    We actively support neighborhood projects to improve our cherished city because we think it’s important to give back.

    Dive Deeper into Our Services

    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Water Heaters Installation

     A Hot Commodity

    The Heart of Your Home’s Comfort

    • Efficient Installations: Our staff makes certain that your water heater is installed to operate at its best.
    • Tailored Solutions: We offer the ideal solution for your home, whether you want tankless or conventional.
    • Long-Term Support: To ensure longevity, we do more than just install; we also maintain and service.
    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Water Softener Installation

    The Soft Touch Your Home Needs

    Say Goodbye to Hard Water

    • Custom Assessments: To suggest the ideal softening option, we assess your water needs.
    • Seamless Integration: We install our systems quickly, neatly, and in a way that complements your current plumbing.
    • Quality Products: We exclusively utilize the best water softeners, guaranteeing effective and efficient outcomes.
    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Slab Leaks Repairs

    Protecting Your Foundation

    Precision Leak Detection and Repair

    • Non-Invasive Techniques: We efficiently fix leaks while causing the least amount of harm to your property.
    • Expert Diagnostics: We locate leaks precisely so that we may do focused repairs.
    • Preventive Measures: We provide comprehensive repairs along with guidance on how to avoid leaks in the future.
    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Water Lines Reroutes

    The Path to Better Plumbing

    Rerouting Done Right

    • Strategic Planning: To guarantee the finest result, we meticulously plan each reroute.
    • Minimal Disruption: We want to reroute your water lines as little as possible to interfere with your day-to-day activities.
    • Quality Assurance: After rerouting, we extensively test to make sure everything is operating as it should.
    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Sewer Repairs

    Clearing the Way for Comfort

    Comprehensive Sewer Solutions

    • Advanced Repairs: We provide a variety of repair alternatives, including trenchless and classic methods.
    • Odor and Mess-Free: Your comfort is our top priority, and we make every effort to keep the repair procedure tidy.
    • System Optimization: We make sure your sewer system performs better than it did before the repair.
    Plumbing Installing Water Softener San Antonio, TX

    Plumbing Remodels

    Crafting Your Ideal Space

    Remodeling with Precision and Passion

    • Design Collaboration: We collaborate with you to make sure your remodel’s plumbing solution satisfies both your functional and aesthetic requirements.
    • High-End Finishes: We use the best fixtures and finishes available to complete our remodels.
    • Full-Scale Projects: We take on projects of all sorts, from minor bathroom updates to extensive kitchen makeovers.

    What Makes Us the Best?

    Expertise, Efficiency, and Excellence

    We solve problems at San Antonio Plumbing Pros, not just deliver services. We deliver services that last throughout time by combining efficiency and competence.

    Rooted in San Antonio

    Being a member of the San Antonio community makes us proud. Our expertise in the area and commitment distinguish us as the top service provider in the city.

    Technology-Driven Solutions

    We remain on top of things by using the newest plumbing technologies to deliver exceptional service.

    Eco-Friendly Practices

    We are just as concerned about the environment as we are about plumbing. Our environmentally conscious actions guarantee a brighter future for our neighborhood.

    Comprehensive Care

    We offer complete care, starting with the initial call and ending with the last inspection. We’re at your side every step of the process, making sure that your plumbing requirements are handled with the highest care.

    Our Recent

    Plumbing Projects

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    Don’t only believe what we say. Listen to the innumerable pleased San Antonians who have used our superb service. View our testimonials page to learn about the impact we’ve had.

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    Water Softener Installation - San Antonio Plumbing Pros - San Antonio, TX

    Blog and Tips

    Keep up with the most recent plumbing trends, ideas, and suggestions by reading our frequently updated blog. We offer insightful advice to maintain the best possible state of your plumbing.

    Water Heater Repair Services

    Plumbing FAQs

    What areas do San Antonio Plumbing Pros serve?

    San Antonio Plumbing Pros is committed to providing excellent plumbing services to the surrounding communities in addition to the city of San Antonio. We aim to serve the larger San Antonio area. Our staff is dedicated to giving you timely, dependable service whether you’re in the suburbs or right in the middle of San Antonio’s downtown. Please call us at 210-330-7626 to confirm whether you are inside our service area or if you have any concerns about service availability.

    Are your plumbers licensed and insured?

    For your piece of mind, each and every plumber on our staff is fully insured, bonded, and in possession of a valid license. In order to guarantee that our work not only meets but surpasses expectations, we rigorously adhere to the highest industry standards. Because of our dedication to professionalism, our clients may feel safe in the knowledge that they are getting help from highly skilled professionals who strive for perfection in all facets of their job.

    Can I get an estimate before the work begins?

    Since we value complete openness with our clients, we offer thorough, itemized estimates prior to taking any action. Our professionals will go over this estimate with you and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. It will include all anticipated expenses. When it comes to billing, we want to make sure you are completely aware of and at ease with the suggested services and their associated expenses.

    What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer?

    Our dedication to providing high-quality work is supported by a strong warranty that includes both labor and parts. The kind of service or components supplied may have an impact on the warranty’s duration and details. We strongly advise our clients to thoroughly go over warranty options with us before to starting any job. Our intention is to make sure you are comfortable and confident in the plumbing infrastructure investment you are making in your property.

    How quickly can you respond to an emergency?

    We recognize that plumbing crises can be upsetting and frequently happen at the most inconvenient times. Because of this, our emergency response team is always available—including on weekends and holidays—to make sure we’ll be there for you when you need us most. Our goal is to send a technician to your location as soon as possible, maximizing the amount of time that traffic and logistics permit. We are dedicated to reducing the disruption that plumbing issues cause to your home and daily activities, which includes providing prompt service.

    Do you handle both residential and commercial plumbing?

    In response, San Antonio Plumbing Pros has extensive knowledge and expertise in overseeing both commercial and residential plumbing systems. From the cozy settings of a house to the vast and complicated systems of commercial properties, our crew is knowledgeable with the subtleties and complexity of plumbing in a variety of contexts. All projects receive the same amount of attention to detail and quality control from us, regardless of their size.

    What types of water heaters do you install?

    We offer a wide variety of water heater installations to meet the needs of any type of home or company. In addition to tankless water heaters, which offer hot water on demand and increased energy efficiency, we also install conventional tank water heaters, which are renowned for their dependability and capacity. In addition, we provide hybrid models that blend the best aspects of tank and tankless systems. We can also help you weigh the advantages of gas versus electric versions to determine which one best suits your needs.

    How can I tell if I have a slab leak?

    Although slab leaks are difficult to detect, there are warning indications that homeowners should be aware of. Slab leaks might be indicated by an unexplained increase in your water bill, the sound of running water while all taps are off, warm or damp places on your floors, or the unexpected formation of wall or floor fissures. These signs may point to a major problem requiring prompt care beneath the foundation of your house. With the least amount of disturbance to your property, our specialists can find and fix slab leaks using advanced equipment.

    What is trenchless sewer repair, and when is it appropriate?

    The answer is that we can replace or repair sewer lines without having to dig a large hole by using a sophisticated technique called trenchless sewer repair. This procedure works well for fixing pipes buried beneath vegetation, structures, or other difficult-to-reach places since it is less intrusive and quicker to finish than previous techniques. It’s especially suitable in cases where the sewage line damage is limited, enabling sectional repairs or lining without affecting the entire pipe.

    How often should I have my plumbing inspected?

    We advise commercial and residential owners to arrange for a professional plumbing examination at least once a year. These examinations can spot possible problems before they become more serious and expensive to fix, keeping your plumbing system operating at peak efficiency. In addition to giving you peace of mind and preserving the value of your house, routine inspections can also help your plumbing fixtures and pipelines last longer.

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